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Jazzul "Natural " 2012. Govijac music.

JAZZUL was born in 2008 under the inspiration of the authors David Chueca Folch (Guitar) and Sonia Linares Berroy (Voice) in their journey to discover their own interpretation of music mixing genres such as Nu-jazz, Chill Out and R&B in their own compositions,  finding a way to transform their sensitivity to a language that would connect them to freedom and essence.

Together they develop an imaginative style full of dynamics, improvisation and poetry. JAZZUL presents "NATURAL", their first self -produced studio album with ten original new songs, produced by David Chueca Folch and released under his own label Marlee Records in  Vilanova I la Geltrú, Barcelona- Spain.
"Natural" is an album full of eclectic musical influences ranging from the  acoustic touch of the mediterranean colours with Catalan and Spanish singer-songwriter´s  songs such as their first single “La llum del Mar” as well as other temperaments closer to Jazz and Soul with “Money” and “Tick Tack”. Together with the depth of electronic textures and the waterly layers of “Come” and Enough” full of abstraction and hypnotism, “Natural” submerges us into the contrasting elements of nature lively playing in their music.

After 4 years of performing live concerts in festivals and cafés, JAZZUL gives birth to their first musical child full of sensitivity and love for cooking life in their  music and live performances.  Musicians collaborating in the project are: Pere Jane (drums), Ignasi Revetlle (Bass), Miki Hernandez (Keyboards), Tom Sykes (violin), Artur Martens (Trumpet), and Elisenda Almirall (Chelo).

Music by: David Chueca, Sonia Linares. Ismael Cruzado "Fue"

Texts by:David Chueca, Sonia Linares. Ismael Cruzado  "Fue"

Arrangements by: David Chueca.

Produced & Recorded by David Chueca.

Mixing: David Chueca.

Mastering: Yves Roussel.

David Chueca: Electric, acoustic and spanish guitar, Rodhes, backing vocals, shakers.

Sonia Linares: Lead Vox and backing vocals

Miki Hernández: Keys, Rodhes, Melódica.

Pere Jane: Drums &,percussion.

Ignasi Revetlle: Bass guitar.

Angel Pujol: Sax  "Tick Tack", "Can You Hold me?"  "Seeking the Life"

Elisenda Almirall: Chelo  "Fue", "Enough"  " La Llum del Mar"

Tom Sykes: Violin "Fue" y "Enough"

Artur Martens: Trompets  "Tick Tack" " Can you hold me?"

Maria Yndurain: Backing Vocals

Honest Tintactiva: Rap "La Llum del Mar"

Marta Guerrero, Susana Adan, Ismael cruzado, Victor de Tola: Backing Vocals Money.

Fotos: Carles Fortuny    www.carlesfortunyfotograf.cat

Desing: David Chueca, Graham Newey    www.grahamnewey.es

Jazzul "Natural" 2012. Marlee Records, Gorvijac Music.



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